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I am a Boulder, Colorado based  coach and triathlete. I enjoy working with amateur and professional athletes alike, and put a heavy emphasis on strength training and rehab/prehab work to ensure my athletes carry conditioning from season to season with no injuries. I look forward to being part of your next season!

My Passion for Triathlon

I have always enjoyed an active lifestyle, but it wasn't until I dabbled in triathlon training that I realized just how I wasn't  truly challenging myself. I enjoy the challenge of juggling the multiple disciplines rather than focusing on a single sport. For me it as much a challenge to my brain to figure out the systems needed as it is physical. 

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Custom programming is imperative to success in Triathlon. No ones body or time restrictions are the same. Therefore, custom training is the inevitable result. Whether your attempting to finish a Sprint Triathlon, a 5km run, or a 140.6 Ironman, custom programming through Taylored Tri will give you the best result.

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Please don't hesitate to send through any inquiry. Triathlon is a complex sport and there is not a single thing that I would consider a dumb question! 

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